Thursday, July 18, 2019

Four Ways to Future-Proof Your Construction Business

Very few contractors these days enjoy profit margins much beyond 3% — even during times of strong economic growth.

Oftentimes, large contractors find themselves just one failed project or market dip away from insolvency. To understand what causes this volatility, you need to know where to look for potential threats.

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Colorado Commission Extending Incentives to Bring In New Manufacturer of Modular Homes

Project Moon, the code name used by the nonprofit, could receive up to $684,000 in incentives over five years from the state’s Strategic Fund if it creates 171 new jobs paying an average annual wage of $52,874 a year.

Compared to the typical incentive that the state awards, those wages are on the low side. But the nonprofit behind Project Moon has pledged to make hiring unskilled and disadvantaged workers a priority and to locate its new manufacturing plant outside the metro Denver area.

When the plant is up and running, it should produce 1,000 modular homes and apartment units a year.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Autodesk, Citi Invest in New San Francisco Modular Factory

Software giant Autodesk and the bank, Citi, have invested undisclosed amounts in a volumetric modular construction start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They said the investment in the firm, Factory_OS, is intended to address the growing affordable housing crisis in the area and beyond, and to help transform the construction industry.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Middle-Income Seniors Facing A Shortage Of Housing Options

There will be 14.4 million middle-income seniors by 2029, and 56% of them will not be able to afford private-pay senior housing at today’s market rates, according to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care. How is the senior housing industry going to deal with that?

“Today’s housing stock simply cannot accommodate the influx of middle-income seniors projected to need seniors housing and care within 10 years,”

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

It’s Time for the Fed to Address Building Codes and Regulations

Uncle Sam can and should use its weight, in the form of funding allocation rewards or punishments, to coax or coerce state and municipal governments into unlocking the gates of local land-use rules that have stalled development of attainable housing with rules, fees, and byzantine approval protocols, the editorial says in so many words.

And why can and should Uncle Sam do so?
  1. Because that strategy always proves to play so well in Peoria?
  2. Because everything the federal government "fixes" doesn't break three other things that didn't need fixing?
  3. Why not?

That America's housing affordability crisis has risen up the food chain of issues that matter so critically to American voters that politicians are seizing on them to expand or strengthen their base of support tells us three things.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fresh Modular Recruits Welcome

The recent news that Goldman Sachs has invested £75m in East Midlands factory-built housing company Top Hat, and that Japanese housebuilder Sekisui House is making its UK debut in partnership with Urban Splash and Homes England, are welcome shots in the arm for the struggling modular housing sector.

It will be fascinating to see whether the fresh approaches that these international giants bring will help to overcome the issues that a number of their less well-prepared predecessors have struggled with.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Women Could Solve Manufacturing's Labor Crisis

Manufacturing has a critical shortage of skilled workers -- more than 2 million are needed now, and the problem is getting worse. But very few women are rushing to fill the gap.

Just 29% of manufacturing's labor force is female, including only 7% in middle-skilled jobs.

That's not because women don't want to work in manufacturing -- among those who do, more than 70% say they'd stay in manufacturing if they were to start their career today, according to a Manufacturing Institute study, and 42% would encourage their daughter or a female family member to work in the industry.

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Friday, July 5, 2019

World’s Tallest Modular Buildings Top Off

Construction is now complete on Clement Canopy, the world’s tallest modular buildings. The 40-story tall towers are located in the heart of a residential and student district in western Singapore.

The 140,338-sf Clement Canopy buildings consist of two 459-ft high towers built in modular concrete. They include 505 apartments made with 1899 modules
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'Small Houses' Being Built in Penn Hills for Homeless Military Veterans

The dwellings will be about 800 square feet, but don’t call them “tiny houses,” Mr. Ferguson said, because that moniker applies to houses on wheels, which are not permitted in Penn Hills. They will be modular homes, built by companies that are owned or operated by veterans.

Total cost of the project is $4 million.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Commercial Buildings: The Next Frontier for Australian Modular and Prefab?

In recent years we’ve been hearing more and more about modular and prefab buildings. Stunning cliffside homes built in mere weeks, sustainable and functional schools ready to be stacked to the sky as cohorts grow.

These are some of the examples we’re seeing more often, with people marvelling at the speed, reduced cost, sustainability and flexibility that comes with a modular build.

The question is, why aren’t we harnessing these benefits for our commercial builds?

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Switch to Modular Cuts Construction Jobs in Half at $10B ExxonMobil-SABIC Plant

Modular construction is known for shaving time from construction schedules and reducing project budgets. But in the case of the $10 billion ExxonMobil-SABIC ethane steam cracker and plastics plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, it looks like it is also going to do away with some jobs as well.

But between the time that building begins in the upcoming quarter, through the anticipated completion date of sometime in 2022, the ExxonMobil-SABIC joint venture vehicle of Gulf Coast Growth Ventures expects that the project will actually deliver 6,000 construction jobs instead, due to a switch in approach to modular construction.

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As the Economy Keeps Growing, So Do Doubts

Across the country, middle market companies continue to bask in the sunlight of a historically long economic expansion.

First-quarter revenue swelled by an average of 8.7%, according to a survey conducted by the National Center for the Middle Market. That's the second-highest year-over-year growth in the quarterly survey's eight-year history.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Production Resumes at 'Metal Box' Factory in Neath

The Metal Box factory is up and running again thanks to investment by Sevenoaks Modular, a Neath-based specialist in timber frame construction. The company aims to invest £6.5m in acquiring and regenerating a large part of the industrial site. With phase 1 now complete, some 20 people are already employed on site.

Councillors for Neath Port Talbot, Sandra and John Miller were recently shown around the 250,000 sq ft site and discussed the company’s future plans for it. Sevenoaks Modular, which currently employs around 100 people in Neath, anticipates it will double its workforce in the next 12 months in conjunction with its expansion to the site. The move will also allow it to go from producing 1,000 homes per year to more than 3,000 per year.

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