Wednesday, August 21, 2019

IKEA and Queen of Sweden Adapt Modular BoKlok Housing for the Elderly

IKEA and Skanska are collaborating with the Queen of Sweden on an offshoot of their modular BoKlok housing that will meet the needs of the elderly and people with dementia.

Named SilviaBo, the housing project is being developed in Sweden by IKEA, Skanska and Silviahemmet, a dementia-care foundation established by Queen Silvia of Sweden.

The project is a response to the country's ageing population and resultant demand for accessible dwellings.

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Delaware Labor Shortage Spurs Project to Go Modular

With its new $150-million research facility under construction and heading for a year-end completion target, global chemical company Chemours aims to consolidate its existing laboratories and offices into the 312,000-sq-ft facility on the University of Delaware’s Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus in Newark, Del.

The project was challenging from its conception, and the mission became even more daunting when the company decided to fast-track the work. Given the size and complexity of the building systems and the constraints posed by a tight construction labor force in the area, contractor IMC Construction Inc. worked early with Chemours and the architect, L2 Partridge, to pursue a modular and preassembly strategy that aimed to save time, preserve budget and meet its labor needs.

The module bid packages were awarded to H.T. Lyons, a subsidiary of ENGIE North America, which constructed the modules at its shop near Allentown, Pa. As part of its contract, H.T. Lyons provided all of the trades necessary to complete the racks and offered design-assist services to help detail the modules. When completed, the modules were shipped to the site for installation. They were shrink-wrapped, allowing crews to install them with the protective wrap on until the building was closed in and fireproofing was sprayed.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

New Report Shows Modular Construction Business is Booming

According to the recently released Commercial Construction Index (CCI), an economic indicator that tracks trends in the commercial construction industry, demand for modular construction is on the rise, and general contractors expect the trend to continue.

Modular construction uses prefabricated and preassembled building components that are built in a factory and shipped to the job site for assembly. They meet the same standards and use the same materials as a traditional building but, advocates say, they offer a range of additional benefits.

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US Home Building Fell 4% in July, Slowing Housing Market

The pace of U.S. home construction fell a sharp 4% in July despite strong demand from would-be buyers, held back by a shortage of skilled labor and affordable land.

The Commerce Department said Friday that housing starts slipped last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.19 million units. So far this year, housing starts have declined 3.1%. Though there was a slight 1.3% uptick in the construction of single-family homes last month, the gain was offset by a 17.2% plunge in the apartment category.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Toronto Builder Thinks Prefabricated Homes are the Future

The problem: The cost of housing construction is high and rising, making life in Toronto difficult for many to afford.

What if you could go to Ikea and purchase an entire house — flat-packed, ready to assemble?

That is the basic idea behind R-Hauz Solutions Inc., founded by veteran Toronto builder Leith Moore.

He wants to prefabricate panelized midrise and laneway homes that could be sold cheaper and assembled faster than traditional construction.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

This is the UK's “Uber Moment” for Housebuilding

The UK is turning into an ideal testbed for new methods of building. Not only is the country facing a housing crisis, but the construction industry is heavily reliant on EU labor that looks set to feel the squeeze post-Brexit.

No wonder, then, that investors are putting substantial sums into companies that aim to create modular houses in factories that can subsequently be assembled on-site, like Lego bricks, using minimal labor.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ben Carson Visits the Treasure Valley to Brainstorm Solutions for the Lack of Affordable Housing

On Monday morning, Sec. Carson also visited indieDwell in Caldwell, Idaho, a company nationally-recognized for their innovative design and an affordable monthly payment of approximately $900 a month - including utilities. Carson said he sees an opportunity there.

"They build high quality and sustainable modular homes at very affordable prices," he said.

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Dickinson Homes Pushes Limits on What Modular Homes Can Be

Evo Santoni started Dickinson Homes in 1970 with the desire to build people a better place to live.

Now run by the second and third generation of the family, Dickinson Homes design and builds custom modular homes in Michigan, Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, expanding on what modular structures can be and expanding the green, sustainable and energy-efficiency benefits.

“We are never satisfied to remain where we are and we push our limits to become better as a whole. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and perfect the way we build, interact with clients and make the process as efficiently and easily as possible,” said Mario Santoni, Evo’s grandson and senior project manager for the company.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ikea, Through BoKlok, to Make Homes for People with Dementia

Furniture giant Ikea is launching a new style of home for dementia patients through BoKlok, a joint venture with Swedish construction company Skanska that makes sustainable and affordable housing.

The company thinks it can help people who struggle with memory loss to live at home. Thus saving the government money it would otherwise spend on care. It’s built the first customized homes just outside Stockholm.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Katerra Breaks Ground on its First Fully-integrated Off-site Manufacturing Plant in Hyderabad

This will be Katerra’s second factory in India after its factory at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu.

Katerra, a leading design and technology driven global construction company, broke ground on its first fully integrated off-site manufacturing plant at Hyderabad today. Projected to get completed by March 2020, the factory will deliver 8 million square feet of building components every year through robotic assembly line production. The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by Ash Bhardwaj, president, Asia and Middle East, Katerra; Nejeeb Khan, head design & business strategy in India, Katerra; and Ravi Bhat, head of operations, India and Middle East, Katerra.

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This Startup Wants to Put a Free Tiny House in your Backyard

Rent the Backyard will get a tiny house into your backyard in a matter of weeks—and hopes it can add some cheaper apartments in cities to help alleviate the housing crisis.

In cities with housing shortages, little room to build, and opposition to new construction, building small cottages in backyards can be one way to add new apartments quickly. One new startup wants to help it happen even faster: The company handles the cost and construction process for homeowners in exchange for a cut of the rent when a tenant moves in.

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Kevin O'Leary Explains Why Trade Schools are a Great Way to Earn High Wages

Kevin O’Leary, one of the Hosts of Shark Tank, understands business and how the labor shortage in trades is going to need to be addressed sooner than later.

The 65-year-old Canadian investor got rich by developing educational and family-oriented computer software in the 1980s and '90s and holding firm to a gospel of thrift, savings, and reinvestment.

He is no stranger when it comes to working hard and training employees and this video should be a wakeup call for all High School seniors that either can’t get into college or don’t want to go.

This video is something every parent of those children should watch and embrace. Your little Bobby or Sally need to know you are behind them if they choose to goto a Trade School.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Hathaway Homes Owner Back In Business

Paul Hathaway, the St. Anthony-based mobile home salesman and former owner of Hathaway Homes Group, has continued his mobile home business with a new company: Homes Unlimited LLC.

The Post Register reported in May that Homes Unlimited was tied to Hathaway through familial connections. Since the publication of that article, multiple sources have told the Post Register they’ve done business with Hathaway, working under Homes Unlimited, within the last six months.

An April court decision banned Hathaway’s former company from conducting business in Idaho. Hathaway Homes Group was already undergoing Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation, and Hathaway had been terminated from his leadership position by a federal bankruptcy trustee.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Nailing it: Construction Camp Inspires Girls

Twenty-three Des Moines metro middle and high school girls explored tools of the trade at a week-long summer camp aimed at exposing them to in-demand career opportunities in construction.

Sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education, Des Moines Public Schools, Homebuilders of Iowa and Turner Construction, the Construction Camp for Girls is helping to break down stereotypes, foster interest and expose students to in-demand career opportunities where females have traditionally been underrepresented.

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Marriott Will Build A 26 Story Hotel In Just 90 Days

The world’s largest hotel chain will soon hold the title of having the world’s tallest modular hotel when the “AC Hotel New York NoMad” opens next year. This hotel will be different than well, any other hotel ever built. It won't take years to build, it will only take 90 days according to Marriott International.

The property’s 168 rooms will be prefabricated in a factory in Poland. It will be complete with painted walls, flooring, beds, sheets, pillows, and even bath products. The finished modules will be shipped to New York where they will be trucked in during the night so it does not disturb traffic.

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